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Introducing the Artist

Sheila Thomas took a portrait class with Nicholas Pearce intending to paint Emily Carr.

Instead, she painted herself as Carr and decided she was going to become Emily Carr.

So she quit her job, packed up her poodle, Stroodle, and made her way to the woods to paint.

(This is the transforming power of paint mixed with the madness of menopause).


Sheila Thomas

Sheila Thomas is not a certified art -anything;(oh my! Refund please!) she is in fact a drama queen. 

Sheila worked as an actor in repertory theatre in California then made her way back to Canada to study playwrighting at Bishop’s University. There she was paid $8.00 an hour to file art slides alphabetically for the Fine Arts Department.




Under the letter "C", Sheila found

"Carr, Emily" on a 2x2 inch slide. Oh dear, Sheila Thomas chose the wrong field to study!


The wind blown trees in Carr's paintings sent Sheila to Vancouver Island. 


Thank You to my Sponsors

Thanks to your support I can live my dream of creating art and nurturing the inner artist in others.

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Sheila Stoner
Art Patron
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